PROUD & Kinky Branding Resources

The logos and creative provided on this page should be used with permission only. To obtain branding usage permission, please write to

Usage:  Please note that you must obtain permission before using the logos below.  The following branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo.

  1. Most importantly, thank you for not editing, changing, distorting, recoloring, or reconfiguring the logo.
  2. Logo Colors: The logo colors contain the words “PROUD” in a rainbow gradient; and “& Kinky,” which may be displayed in BLACK or WHITE as provided below.  Please do not modify the logo colors.  Placement of the logos in any collateral should ensure the visibility of the entire logo.
  3. If your usage of the logo requires a single-color logo, any ONE single color may be used with the single-color logo file.  There may be no other modification to the logo.
  4. DO NOT outline or otherwise stylize the logo.
  5. In writing, please use only “PROUD & Kinky” (Note the capitalized PROUD).  When writing about a PROUD & Kinky event or in any text referencing the organization, again, please use “PROUD & Kinky”. If writing about PROUD & Kinky magazineplease use italics as shown.
  6. If listing the PROUD & Kinky website, please use only “” or “WWW.PROUDANDKINKY.COM” (You may use or omit the “www” at your discretion.

Additional Guidelines:

  1. In general, please do not use our name, logos, or other branded materials in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation without expressed, written permission.
  2. Please request permission with us before using our logo on websites, products, packaging, manuals or for other commercial use.
  3. Please do not use our name as part of your company or service name, website name, trade name or product name.  Don’t use our logo or incorporate our logo into yours.  Don’t use a domain name containing proudandkinky or any confusingly similar words.
  4. If you would like to link to our website using our logo, you may do so if you have met the other guidelines on this page.


Please feel free to contact us a if you have any questions about these guidelines or our branding usage.  If you would like to ensure your usage of the logo is correct, please attach images to your email.  (It helps to see it!)  We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP, but please be patient and remember that no response does not mean approval.

PROUD & Kinky Logo Kit

The zipped file below contains the PROUD & Kinky logos and includes both PNG and EPS file types.

Download Now (ZIP, 1.8 MB)

PROUD & Kinky 1-color Logo Kit

The zipped file below contains the PROUD & Kinky 1-color logos and includes both PNG and EPS file types.

Download Now (ZIP, 1.8 MB)