Inside the Kennel: An Introduction to Puppy Play

By Puppy Demos – 2017-2019 Southern Nevada Leather Puppy Titleholder, and a Very Good Boy

I am known as Puppy Demos, and I’ll be your service pup into the world of Puppy Play. Shall we em-bark? Puppy play is a newer form of kink within the BDSM Community where a person, of any gender, takes on the role or mind-set of a canine. Choosing to interact or manifest, with the goal of becoming mentally like a biological pup or dog, for a dedicated period of time. Pup headspace gives one the release of humanity and allows us to embody the care freeness of a puppy or dog.

Pup Play is not necessarily a sexual activity. It is often referred to as a meditative state; or a state of relaxation for those involved. Although many pups, either with their handlers or other pups there can be some tail wagging, and consensual bone chewing hot sex. Let me be frank this is not a form of bestiality; No real animals are involved, the consent based mental head space of animals and their handlers is still in the realm of human fantasy.

Keep in mind there are many types of puppies out there (not everyone is the same); several friends of mine have discovered their inner pup. For example, I have a friend that identifies as a Wolf Pup with characteristics of a wild Wolf. I have another friend that is a Werewolf pup which takes on a more mythological form that becomes extremely dominant and aggressive at certain times of puppy play.

Puppy Demos

Like people, pups and dogs enjoy and need human interaction, that’s how a Sir, Owner, Mistress, Handler, or Trainer comes into a kink and pup scene. The pup will act as a handler’s canine companion. The handler takes on the role of a pup’s protector. Handlers help to create a mental and physical safe space where pups can enter headspace. Once trust has been established handlers can teach or train their pups to learn their instructions such as sit and stay or etc. This is best done when the bond is formed and pups learn their master’s body language, they both develop and discover their connection on a deeper level. Please keep in mind that not all pups have owners. A stray can still find and get into their puppy head space as well.

Puppy Demos

There are many types of handlers, some are kind, others are neglectful, and some are even sadistic which works for some, but might not work for others. The primary goal is to establish trust and keep a puppy safe. A firm but gentle approach to training and discipline is best. Positive reinforcement is the key. “GOOD PUPPY” goes a lot further in training than “BAD PUPPY”. Generally, handlers have control over us pups, but don’t forget we as pups still have the freedom to express, revoke consent and find our inner pup with or without a handler.

Puppy gear is not a necessary part of exploring or getting started with Pup Play. However, our gear helps us shed our humanity and enter our puppy headspace while also keeping us in it. Now the fun part is also discovering what type of gear our inner puppy barks to be. There are a few different gear styles, such as leather, rubber/latex, neoprene, or a mix of all three. Puppies can also identify as “furries” that can take on the meaning of being hairy or being in a full furry uniform. There very well could be other types out there, as pups have imaginative minds and the pup world is always growing.

Let’s sniff around some and dig into the typical gear within the puppy community.

Collars are in many ways our most important part of our gear. Besides providing a place to put our leash and tags, it also helps identify ourselves to other kinksters. The placing of our collar helps transition us into our pup headspace. A note to my amazing strays, you do not need an owner to have a collar, you can claim yourself with your own tag and collar, you do not need to be owned to identify as a pup. There are many different types of collars out there, it could be leather, or a chain, or a traditional dog collar. A collar could also be a necklace with a pendant or tag on it. It all depends on what your owner or family bestows upon a lucky pup. With or without a collar or owner, consent is very important. As in many kinks, not just puppy play, a collar can be as sacred as a wedding band. It is important to always ask for consent from the puppy’s owner or the pup before touching.

Knee Pads are more important for protecting our knees from being scraped up. Let me tell you carpet, flooring, or ground really hurts on bare knees. The pain will get you out of your headspace and not in a fun way. The best knee pads in my experience are volleyball knee pads, much better than the carpenter type typically found at a hardware store.

Paws or Pup Mitts help keep pup’s hands restrained while also protecting our hands from injury while we play. In my experience I like MMA gloves because they are affordable and super comfy.

Hoods act like a muzzle and also help a pup enter headspace by temporarily removing aspects of one’s humanity. Hoods are a form of expressions and one of the ways that pups manifest their particular breed or dog archetype. Hoods also help prevent a pup from using their voice which helps with submerging us into our pup persona.

Puppy Demos

Tails are a lot of fun, there are a few that I quite enjoy! There are three common types of tail in the pup scene: fur tail, show tails that slide onto your belt and insertable tails. Insertable tails are a tail on one end and a butt plug on the other. These take preparation, practice, and care to be comfortable wearing these for long periods of time. For me I really like my fur tails that clip on to my belt loop or my show tails that usually match my gear.

Puppy Demos

Now, my favorite type of gear, Toys! Every puppy needs a few good chew toys to chase. The best toys are soft ones. Remember human teeth are NOT like dog teeth. Human Pup’s bodies are not as flexible or as low to the ground, so think of that when selecting toys for the pack. I recommend soft squeak toys made of fabric materials. I would avoid bones unless it’s the type that is in between your owners thighs. Rope toys are okay but do not tug on them with great force as you would a regular dog.

As for dog bowls and treats it depends on the puppy, remember our faces have a much shorter snout. The best way to see if a bowl will work properly is to have the pup get on all fours and test it out to see if the pup’s face fits . Please do not feed a human pup dog food or treats, they are not fit for human consumption. The best treats are gummies, animal crackers or some cereals that look like puppy chow. A perfect substitute for a canned wet dog food look alike is cold beef stew. Please keep in mind that you never offer treats to other pups without checking to make sure that they are not allergic to the ingredients.

This concludes our quick look into pup play from this service pup’s point of view. To all our new puppies out there do not be afraid to ask or check out different communities and experience your true inner pup. Bark and Howls till next time, wishing you all a Barktastic good time.

PROUD & Kinky Magazine - Issue 1

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