Let Me Wear Your Words With PRIDE – An Interactive Art Performance

By Ashley Ray

Join us during and after the Las Vegas PRIDE parade, on 10/6/23 @ 7 PM to keep celebrating diversity with live art. Ashley will be located on Fremont Street toward the end of the parade, ready with a canvas of skin for your expressions. This artist and activist invites you to respectfully use her body as a space for your art and thoughts. They will be exposed with bold words already upon them with the intent of provoking a genuine sense of connection and confrontation. Draw upon Ashley with your words and doodles inspired by her display. 

Ashley Ray (she/they) is a licensed professional counselor and mental health educator.  As a body-positive model and creator/author of a humanistic paradigm shift, they demonstrate the intrinsic understanding that, as humans, we exist upon a spectrum of being. Ashley also practices shibari (rope bondage) as an educator and performer.  She believes that kink provides a direct approach for a confrontation of our humanity, sex, and death, an exploration of our primal natures, along with the interplay of these concepts and the environment. 

Ashley Ray

Photo of Ashley Ray

Ashley Ray

Authentically being is what drives Ashley and inspires their art to offer this confrontation and comfort in others as well. She believes deeply in the power of emergence through our connections. This particular piece of performance art is dedicated toward an illustration of exactly these concepts. They will be working with talented street and performance photographer Bleeker Peterson.

Ashley is available for speaking engagements and workshops on mental healthcare as well as kink education. Connect with Ashley on IG/FL: @Rayz_of_Ash or www.MisOrdered.org

Wander down Fremont to find Ashley – grab a marker and mark her!

Ashley Ray
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