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Issue 3 – Summer/Fall 2023

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The Punk Rock Museum

Visiting The Punk Rock Museum provides a unique opportunity to delve into punk rock’s vibrant and rebellious world while recognizing its intrinsic connection to queer culture. Punk rock, with its infamous nonconformist spirit, has always provided a platform for marginalized communities to express themselves and challenge societal norms.

Sex Magick

I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Sex Magick” listed as a sexual kink. The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines kink as “relating to, having, or appealing to unconventional tastes especially in sex”. While the goal of Sex Magick is not orgasm for sexual pleasure, it is most definitely unconventional and, therefore, qualifies as a kink.

Stripping Down and Feeling Free in a Naturist Village

Three years ago, I found out that there is a small town in the South of France that does not just have a nudist beach or a nudist resort, but the entire village of Cap d’Agde is nude. Yes, you can be naked while getting your coffee at the cafe, naked at the grocery store, naked while sipping a glass of wine at the pub, or naked while shopping for clothes.

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