The Dom Behind, Dominic Pacifico

By Steven Mitchell
Images from American Sicko courtesy of Dominic Pacifico

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dominic Pacifico to get to know the man in front of, and behind, the camera. I found him to be articulate, soft spoken, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the Kink life and Kink entertainment. He is currently an exclusive Director with celebrates its 25th birthday this year (it was started in 1997). It initially began as a BDSM site. Today you will find a wide variety of categories. In October 2022, the gay kink material was moved from to a new site,

Currently a resident of Las Vegas, Dominic got his start in the adult industry while going to school to study audio production and multimedia. He was scouted by someone in the adult industry at the age of 18. While the adult industry wasn’t something he was seeking to do, he thought it would be interesting. He started out modeling in print media, and it was very good money. Dominic did that for a year before starting his film career. By the age of 21, he was working for Helix Studios and other professional studios. Still, filming wasn’t his main focus. He was focused on DJing and really wasn’t even aware of the extent that he was becoming a porn star.

By 2008 he was an exclusive model for Raging Stallion. He was becoming a young man. In addition to acting, Dominic took an interest in the production side. He was very eager to learn all aspects of the business. In the ’08-’12 timeframe, porn-star-based websites became popular due to the ease of using website templates. Porn stars became more in control of themselves and their brand.

Dominic went out on his own in 2012, starting Pacifico Entertainment and, a general LGBT entertainment company. He ran the website and continued DJing around the world. He would hire porn stars to be go-go dancers at these events, and his two worlds started to overlap. Dominic had a lot of contacts from his prior credits in the adult industry, so he had a lot of sponsors to draw upon for his events.

When he first started in the adult industry, he worked as a submissive (Sub) in the movies. By his 30s, he had become quite muscular and was trained as a Dom Master. He also created the websites and During the pandemic, he was asked to submit some of his content to that they wanted to lease. They brought him in as a guest Director, and he started producing exclusive content for them. During the pandemic lockdown, he added
even more skills to his repertoire, picking up marketing and analytics. He discovered that fetish content was extremely popular.

You can find Dominic’s movies on His style was developed based on personal taste and his experience as a performer. His movies have an aggressive intensity, are filled with visual contrasts, and push the boundaries of verbal aggression. The teasing game is pushed by the verbal interaction between the models.

Dominic is just one of the directors that you will find on Kinkmen. Just as has several categories of kink, also has a variety of exclusively gay kink to choose from. You can expect a lot more content (on average three new videos per week). The site has three different directors, each with their own style and vision.

Dominic is extremely charming. He is very comfortable to talk to, and it is easy to catch his enthusiasm for his work. During the interview he told me, “This is not just a job. This is a lifestyle, real life. This is my dream job.”

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