Five Fab Summer Strains for Stoner Brains

By Ashleigh Popplewell

With the abundance of cannabis available to us in the Vegas Valley, it can be hard to decide which strains to buy. During my time working in the industry, I quickly noticed that consuming the same strain from different growers would yield wildly different effects and flavors. I learned that each individual grower has their own system for cultivation, and this can greatly affect the final product.

In fact, if you find a strain that you particularly enjoy, try different strains by that specific grower (as you can often expect consistent quality within the brand). Don’t shy away from spending a bit more on organic and small batch cultivators, especially if you prefer quality over quantity. Follow them on social media. Check their website. Become their biggest fan. Follow their product drops with ravenous intensity. (Just me? Okay.)


Cannabiotix: L’Orange

Sativa 70%
Indica 30%

Effects: Creative, Energetic, Motivating, Happy

You know from the moment you open the container that this flower is something special. Expect to be greeted by the smell of sweet citrus and sour earthiness with a hint of cheese. Absolutely frosted by trichomes and covered in orange hairs, it’s almost too pretty to break down. This strain is perfect for to-do lists, as it creates a combination of pain relief/body high and focus/creativity. Use precaution if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia, as this bud packs a punch. Smoke it slowly, both to enjoy the flavors and aromas, and to assess how your body is responding.

Green Life Productions

Green Life Productions: MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies)

Sativa 50%
Indica 50%

Effects: Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing

GLP is by far my personal favorite grower here in Nevada. Their organic, no-till living soil style of growing produces some of the frostiest, tastiest strains I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. MAC is no exception. Notes of citrus, spicy black pepper, and funky orange will fill both your nose and your mouth. The pain relief this strain supplies, combined with its giggly euphoric effect, make it perfect for a chill evening chatting with friends. This strain is potent, so don’t be surprised if you’re ready to take a break halfway through a bowl.


Lemonade: Medellin

Unknown 100%

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Tingly

Medellin is a new-to-me strain this year. Researching the lineage for this strain is inconclusive, but it’s posited to be a descendant of Wedding Cake and Chemdawg. The high is bright and happy, full of energy. It tastes both earthy and fruity, with a pungent diesel exhale, leaving behind a delightful tingly sensation on your lips. I feel it is also important to mention that this strain produced an intense coughing fit, super dry mouth and eyes as well as an elevated heart rate when smoked. Medellin would be great for a night out dancing or attending an art-related event like First Friday.


Binske: Peach Crescendo

Sativa 60%
Indica 40%

Effects: Relaxed, Talkative, Aroused

Peach Crescendo does exactly what the name implies. It tastes and smells like peaches and apricots, with just a hint of diesel, and the high builds slowly. Extremely relaxing in the body, this strain will have you feeling tingly in no time, both in and out of the bedroom. If you enjoy being touched, this strain is great for heavy petting, sensory play, and spanking. Headache and dry eyes are common side effects of this strain, so smoking in an area with a humidifier and drinking water in between hits can help minimize these reactions.

Redwood Cultivation

Redwood Trees: Sweet Tea

Sativa 65%
Indica 35%

Effects: Uplifting, Calm, Creative

As a person who grew up in the south, I am no stranger to the flavor and aroma of sweet tea. This is it! The earthiness of the tea and sage flavors combined with honey sweetness, and a hint of orange on the exhale. This strain is happy, serene, and sociable, with noticeable pain-relief in the body. I could not resist stretching my body, and felt layers of tension melting one by one. I highly recommend for lounging in the pool, chatting with friends, or playing board/video games.

Ashleigh Popplewell is a queer enby artist and LMT, who has resided in Las Vegas for over 15 years. They create illustrations, 3d miniatures, accessories and more. Check out their work on Instagram @ampopplewell or on

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