There is No Rope for Fat Bottoms

Discussions abound lately concerning topics such as - “Rope for Bigger Bottoms” or “Ties for Larger Bodies.” Rope, in its essence, is adaptable, it is versatile, and ingenuitive. Adapting rope for EVERY BODY is a vital and admired skill in rope practitioners, however bigger bodies do not inherently require special ties.

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Educate Yourself

Oof, there are so many things to learn in life. How to tie your shoes, how to be successful, how to invest, so many how to’s! Well here’s another one, but this one is a little truer and more dear to yourself. Think of it as how to invest in your own sexual happiness. Yes, you can have good sex. You can have healthy sex. You can have sex on your own terms.

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Inside the Kennel

I am known as Puppy Demos, and I’ll be your service pup into the world of Puppy Play. Shall we em-bark? Puppy play is a newer form of kink within the BDSM Community where a person, of any gender, takes on the role or mindset of a canine. Choosing to interact or manifest, with the goal of becoming mentally like a biological pup or dog, for a dedicated period of time.

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The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls® is a nonprofit organization providing support and services to victims and survivors of sex trafficking and consensual sex workers. They affirm the rights and dignity of all Sex Workers, and they work hard alongside Sex-Worker led collectives and community groups to provide education about the nuanced contexts of those who choose Sex Work consensually and those who do not.

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The Brawling Beauty in Diversity

Bodies, historically, have always been political. From Grecian statues featuring nudity to the birth of burlesque in the 1860's and now with the neo-burlesque movement in a world where it is becoming inherently clear that bodies are a political shopping spree, the human form has always had a foothold in the political agenda of the world.

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Spilling the Tea in Sin City

Tell me about your work and how it empowers you? I am actually a full service sex worker here in Vegas. For me, the most empowering thing is the privilege, that even though I am a marginalized person, that I carry within my work. Everyone, friends, family, know what I do and in my community and those communities, it's very much a privilege to not have to keep it a secret.

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Letter from the Editor

According to NASA, Las Vegas is the brightest city in the world, many countercultures in the LV community are cast in the shadows just behind these bright lights. The kink scene is no exception to that. The juxtaposition of light and dark has been the core of many fictional and nonfictional battles. I believe the kink scene always operates in a shade of gray, no matter where the community is located (and no it doesn't have just 50 shades).

Letter from the Editor2022-08-14T14:07:42-07:00
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