Dominic Pacifico – The Dom Behind

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dominic Pacifico to get to know the man in front of, and behind, the camera. I found him to be articulate, soft spoken, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the Kink life and Kink entertainment. He is currently an exclusive Director with

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Announcing Las Vegas Leather Titles

PROUD & Kinky is hosting leather title holders in 2023. There are four Las Vegas Leather titles that we are seeking nominations for: Mr. Las Vegas Leather, Las Vegas Person of Leather, Las Vegas Pup of Leather, and Las Vegas Bootblack. The Las Vegas Person of leather will receive a more specific title characteristic of what they feel fits them best.

Announcing Las Vegas Leather Titles2023-01-11T15:04:52-08:00

Gratuitously Bisexual

Rouge at the Strat Hotel bills itself as the “Sexiest show in Vegas”. However, I would call it the most bisexual show in Vegas. With a strong ensemble cast and raunchy solos that feature aerialists, contortionists, acrobatics, and even a little bit of dildo juggling, this show makes for a fun and arousing date night activity.

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Unchained Melody

As fashion and fetish-wear continue to become increasingly intertwined, designers are striving to incorporate the latter’s seedy aesthetic into their collections. The latest to combine ready-to-wear design sensibilities with kink-wear is the gay-owned menswear designer, Addicted USA.

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Spilling the Tea in Sin City

Service and showing up to help foster community are big components of being a titleholder. I had the opportunity to ask our current royalty members a bit more about what serving in that role means to them and what opportunities they got to experience in 2022. The Las Vegas pup community is full of diversity and the sweetest pups. We had a blast getting this pack of pups together for the cover shoot.

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The Ropists Are Not Therapists

Healing, transformative, exalting, spiritual, sacred, evolving - All things rope CAN be. Rope allows for a primal experience of vulnerability as its ethos. Understanding the biophysical, inter/intra-relational, environmental, emotional, and cognitive effects of rope provide one with a glimpse of the process that occurs in a rope or kink scene.

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Liquid Red & Wigcraft Vegas Fashion Show at PROUD & Kinky

For the second time, Liquid Red graced the PROUD & Kinky stage at the Las Vegas PRIDE Festival at Craig Ranch Park in October 2022. The first time was in October 2019 at the PROUD & Kinky stage. This time, Liquid Red teamed up with Wigcraft Vegas and included their spectacular foam wigs in the show.

Liquid Red & Wigcraft Vegas Fashion Show at PROUD & Kinky2023-01-11T15:02:51-08:00
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